Monthly Archives: April 2017

Shift at Dusk

After a walk in the dusty woods, Juia’s black poplin shift sways gently in the breeze.

Pilgrims Skirt

For Cecilie’s ‘Camino de Santiago’  I made a heavy denim skirt with extra large pockets which is proving to be an essential piece of ‘kit’

Easter Bonnet

At the studio we dug out some fabric scraps  and made some big blousy fabric flowers for our Easter Bonnet. We enjoyed our selves so much we are happy to take orders for fabric flowers, just contact us through the site. The ones in the picture would be three for £10

Bunny Brooches

Each one has a unique personality. Made from studio scraps £16 each. Available from ‘Brixi’, Brixton Village Market. ‘Stag and Bow’ in Sydenham/Forrest hill or direct from me.