About Scobel

I  have always made clothes, for my dolls, for friends, for film and television and of course for myself, in fact I generally only wear clothes I have made which inevitably means designs are constantly tweaked  and revised.

I lead an active life, cycling to the studio, attending meetings, going to the theatre, keeping an allotment, yet cannot find a thing on the high street that carries me through at a price or design I desire. I am often asked where I get my clothes and so here I have created a place for like minded women to obtain the clothes I create.

I come from a line of well dressed and skilled needle women. Great grandma Scobel used to make extravagant gowns for the ladies of south Devon from her dressmaking shop in Plymouth, Grandma was her model, she in turn always made sure my mother was dressed properly. Mother had her own ideas and created in infamous reputation for her quirky personal style. I am their legacy and hope I have encapsulated the essence of the past three generations with this collection of stripped back, well made, ‘anytime any-wear’ pieces with style enough to give you the air of confidence we all need.

I hope you will always want to hang on to these items despite the fickleness of trend. I hope you will patch and darn them as they succumb to the stresses and strains of an active life, each repair worn like a badge of honour.

Descriptions of clothes

A pared to the bone aesthetic, made from practical traditional fabrics sourced surplus to the trade.  I design with England in mind, its diverse and unpredictable weather conditions in accounted for. I hope you will want to wear these items until they fall off.

You should be able to get up in the morning, dig the garden, ride your bike, attend a meeting or the theatre without having to worry about your wardrobe.

Clothes are in small, medium or large sizes ; unless ordered specifically.

Collaboration with styling, and photography by the talented and stylish Sandi Hudson Francis and also with Nemo @nemography.

Modelling by the ever patient and beautiful Audrey Kate Elwood Parsons.

Fittings and Alterations

Alterations to existing garments or customisation of garments from The Scobel Clothing range are charged at £50 per two hour session.

 Repair Service

Good clothes are like old friends as they grow older they mellow and gain character.

If you are not handy with a needle I can add the personal touch of a hand sewn repair. Work is applied in the style of Japanese Boro, a good old traditional darn or hand sewn appliqué patch. These repairs are not invisible but they are subtle, adding to the innate texture of the fabric and intrinsic quality of the garment.