Punchinelo hat

Price: £40

Punchinello is a Raw edged hat made from dark navy denim, raw linen, waxed cotton or soft wool. These versatile hats can survive being crushed or folded and come with a small bag so it can be kept safely in your bag or pocket when not on your head.

The story of the Punchinello (chick) refers to the shape of the characters nose and derives from Commedia dell’arte in 17th century Italy. Raised by two fathers Maccus and Bucco, Punchinello represents the voice of the people and the ever present struggle between power and subservience. The English Seaside Character ‘Punch’ is a Victorian derivative based loosely on the image of ┬áthe Italian origonal.
When ordering, please specify your choice of linen, denim, red wool, purple wool, black wool or wax

Size: One size fits all.

Please specify fabric type and colour