Canvas Hat

Price: £50.00

Made from heavy off white canvas, inside seams are bound and the outer edge seam is left raw . The tall crown of this hat traps air and helps keep the wearer cool.
I am often given scraps of fabric, I was given a piece of artists canvas when a neighbour was clearing his studio, I needed a sun hat so I went for a style I felt would transcend time culture and place.  The shape of this hat is inspired by the workers hats of yore spotted generally from France to  Peru on the heads of peasants toiling in the fields under the midday sun.

Although it might get marked or battered it only increases in character and tells a story of sunny days being tossed in the sea, buried in the sand or recovered from a corn field.

An oiled canvas version is available for days when rain is prevalent. The fabric is a dark navy almost black, the navy shows through in the creases giving the hat a delightful patina

Also available to order with oil painted sky or sea scape, please enquire if you are interested in this option. Pictured : ‘Canvas Hat’ with a ‘Constable Sky’ by Sarah Wetherall and ‘Punchinello’ has a sea scape by Julia Burnett.


Size: Medium or 62cm inside rim, should fit 57cm head measurement with room for comfort. Other sizes made to order.